Canada Visa and Immigration Process

Canada Visa and Immigration Process

The millions of tourists visit this part of the world annually and enjoy the undisturbed natural beauty. In case the visit visa is through sponsor then application must annex with sponsor letter and if it is open the proof of funds. The followings are some different types of visits visas.

Single entry Canada visit visa

This type visits visa validity is six months after the date of issues. The visa holder of this type can only enter once on the behalf of this visits visa. However, this process must be before the one-month prior to expiry.

Multiple entry Canada visit visa

This visa offers multiple entries to visa holder, this visits visa is valid for six months.

Transit Canada visitor visa

The visit visa older can accompanied his family members of this visits visa.

Canada visitor visa requirements

Canada visitor visas are different types and that is why they have different requirements.  Moreover, he has enough funds to support him during his stay in this country.

Visit visa application on recommended application form filled out according to instructions and duly signed by applicant.

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