Dubai Immigration Visa

Dubai Immigration Visa

Dubai is located in the Gulf region and it is one of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. This Emirate is economically stable and progressing rapidly. In this article we will cover up Dubai Immigration Visa
For those who want permanent residency in Dubai is a bad news that Dubai give’s working visa for Foreign workers but Dubai has no
Permanent residency or immigration rules for Foreign’s. One thing is investment, if you have a lot of investment in any above mentioned
fields than you may proceed for Business visa or Immigration to Dubai.
Investment immigration is a type of immigration for overseas investors and gets a residency permit or visa. The permanent residency or

Immigration to Dubai is connected to the investment in any above fields. Dubai is one of the famous

counties in the world who give highest standers of life and give chances world wide to Foreigners to invest and boom up their Business.

The investor must be restricted in invested company and cannot invest any other company or business without prior permission from

already existed and invested company employer. When you invest in Dubai than you will be provided the title of ownership this way you

can live and work in this Dubai for next three years because the license is issued for three years. In case of free zone investment,

then he needs a Free Trade Zone license prior to get residency permit. Dubai Immigration department will release the Visa. The resident

permit in this category will be valid for two years.

Procedure of immigration

Any one can invest in Construction field or can buy property in Dubai can live in Dubai . In Dubai, in this category when application for

immigration has approved for residence visa then the investor status changes into employer and his wife & other family members can

apply for resident visa in Dubai. The investor have to prove that his earning is more than 4000 Durham per month and in this way he can

sponsor his family members.

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