You are a product, and a resume is your advertisement. A great resume should summarise and highlight your strengths, skills and experience in a way that grabs the attention of the recruiter. He or she spends seconds skimming through hundreds of resumes – make sure yours can stand out in a matter of seconds. Here we will cover up tips to find a right job in UAE Dubai


Get a CV written by a professional agency or consultant, or take time going through various websites that give tips on getting it right. A CV is always a comprehensive summary of who you are as a candidate. Linking your LinkedIn account (which allows more room for details) in the resume can help the recruiter get more information if he or she requires.

Have your resume, copies of UAE attested certificates like experience certificates and other documents sorted through and ready to send out. While it is understood, that peoples are waiting until the last few minute to go through their resumes, change or remove extra things, or add haphazard explanations and summaries.


While it may fruitful – yes, I have been there – registering on job sites is best way to get started on your job hunt. It is useful to know the requirements or jobs that companies have and to understand if there is demand for your specific set of skills.

Some of my advises in this regard is response, application tracking and information would be available on Bayt, LinkedIn, Internsme (they have listings for full-time, part-time and contractual jobs), Gulf Salary, Monster Gulf and Naukri Gulf among others. There may be suitable listings in the classifieds section of leading newspapers such as Gulf News or online on classifieds websites such as GetThat.

Not all listing have details such as salary and comanu names, so note those that do have these details. This will prove useful for our fifth tip.


LinkedIn is a best forum to look for positions and also to network with and follow people that are from your domain of work. Furthermore, if you aren’t active on there, you can quickly fall out of anyone’s radar.

Use the sections on there to create a strong & effective profile. LinkedIn rank profiles and the best you can get is the ‘All Star’ ranking which may be 5 star ranking. This is only possible when you have filled in most of the information, and also attached related media or documents. For example, you can attach your related information in the summary section which makes it easier for a head hunter on LinkedIn to directly download and see your details in one go without having to track you down through sms.


Use the Pulse blog forum to write about things that presents you professionally or creatively. Your photos need not be uptight and sombre – smile a little, be approachable.

It is also necessary to always try and connect with the job poster for the jobs you have saved or applied to. At the end, it means you have done everything you could have – this can take off the edge on waiting for that call back.


Most of the well know companies including aviation firms such as Emirates and Fly Dubai, Etihad Airlines or hospitality companies such as Marriot; media and advisory ones like Reuters and also finance firms such as KPMG, Emirates NBD and PWC have a fully functional career portal within their website.

This is a right path in spite of going through a third-party website such as LinkedIn. Among these portals can take a bit of time to submit applications as you have to be quite detailed on your entries for work history or qualifications; but the best part here is that you can easily directly track your application.

You can also email the HR department with the job ID to ask for latest updates. They usually conduct initial tests on the website itself making it easier for you to get to the next level if candidate is shortlisted.


So you have applied for multiple jobs – I have, not even kidding – and you need to do something other than apply and wait. While you should continue to apply to those ‘Confidential Company’ vacancies, it is better to create an Excel sheet for the job posts that have company names listed. In LinkedIn, all job vacancy come with company names, job poster details and more. What I did was create a database of all the offices I applied to, along with a phone number and email that I found directly from their website.