How to get a job in Dubai complete guideline for fresher ?

How to get a job in Dubai complete guideline for fresher ?

I am writing this article to provide a enough knowledge about how to get a job in Dubai complete guideline for fresher. How to get a suitable job in Dubai is always a question in your mind. There are precise number of people who come to get job in Dubai and they don’t have enough experience on “how to get job in UAE”. Due to lack of experience, they cannot find suitable job and waste money and time. Read the complete article it will give you complete and comprehensive guidelines and useful tips on how a fresher can get a job in Dubai on visit visa.

Things necessary before coming to get job in Dubai

Buy a sim card

I saw many people who come for a job search in Dubai, they waste their time and money. At the beginning achieve the primary objective of Dubai visit is to find a job in Dubai. To avoid time contact your friend or relative in Dubai or in UAE to arrange a new sim card for you. Once they buy the sim card you can receive that sim card here from any suitable courier company. Sky Net a courier company charge approximately 40 AED to send a sim card to Pakistan . It will take 3 working days to arrive. If you don’t have any relative or friend there then no big issue, you can still find jobs in UAE or jobs in Dubai. The purpose of that sim number on your CV and sending emails before coming to Dubai to get job in Dubai.

Which visa is best to get a job in Dubai?

Up to 3-month visit visa is the best visa type you should take to get a job in Dubai. Many people take only 1-month visit visa that is not good for finding jobs in Dubai. 1 month is not enough time for finding jobs in Dubai. Precise number of jobs are produced by UAE market on the daily basis. Some Jobs providing companies like banks, insurance companies, and big organization usually take more than 1 month time period before hiring a applicant. If you come on 1-month visit visa then you will lose that chance of getting a job in big multi national organizations. I have seen number students who come here on a 1-month visit visa but when they go back to their home country they receive interview call but they could not give an interview. I will always recommend getting a 3-month visit visa.

The cost of 90 days visit visa is around one thousand (1000) AED. You can get more information about all types of visit visa for Dubai from suitable agent or office. You can take visit visa from any concern agent.

Necessary documents required to be attested to get job in Dubai?

Your national identity card
02-Copies of your parents identity cards
24 passport size colored photos
Driving License if you have ( Optional )
2 – copies of passport ( passport copy will help in case of emergency)
Here is list of academic documents that you should take for finding jobs in UAE Dubai

Original school education certificates
Original College certificate
Original university certificate
Original diploma certificates ( if you have)
Original any extra document like top achievement certificate in school, college or university, character certificate or any other related certificate

You should attest your college and university certificates and a diploma from relevant education body then ministry of foreign affair and at last from UAE embassy. There are multiple jobs that are given on the spot to that person who have complete education certificates and all certificates are attested.

If you are related in that field that requires portfolio like architecture, graphic designer etc. then always bring your portfolio in USB or memory card or if possible on hard copy.

If you have an international driving license then make is possible to bring driving license. Companies mostly prefer in UAE to give those person jobs who have driving license. The person who has an international driving license is always given more preference for getting a job in Dubai.

Get a android mobile ( if possible ) it will help you to find job location easily. Make it possible that you have a laptop also with you.

Preparation of CV

The only thing on which you will get a job is your effective CV. Your CV is your advertisement. Always spent more time to make your effective CV . It is better to give some money to professional CV maker to get most professional resume. bad CV will never give you a right job even if you are eligible. To make professional CV Consult this link

Make Professional Linkedin Profile

Multiple of precise number of people underestimate the power of social media. Linkedin is that platform that is used by most of professional candidats in UAE. Jobs in Dubai are also posted on Linkedin and many people get a job in Dubai through Linkedin profile.
If you are looking for white collar job in Dubai then always make LinkedIn profile.