Effective Tips to Find a Job in Dubai United Arab Emirates

Effective Tips to Find a Job in Dubai United Arab Emirates

We are here to be a worker in the land of the Arabian people, not holidays every day!
To be honest, that also crossed my mind when it was declared accepted to work in Dubai, in the middle of 2017. Will work in a multinational company, live in a metropolitan city with all the fantastic facilities that glow with worldly sparkles. Find a Job in Dubai United Arab Emirates is not easy task.
In fact …
Yes, I am just a laborer.
Corporate workers. Want to work as a professional in the office, in the hospitality industry, airlines, property, finance or even those who work in the informal sector such as household assistants, in essence, the same. Laborer.

That’s why I had written a series of articles on Migrant Workers’ Notes series on everyday life in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The contents are mostly empty, so now I haven’t continued the project. After all, the time is up for work, work and work.

The main purpose of the story is to save every piece of memory while working in Dubai which I will surely miss. Besides that, it is also at the same time to answer the questions of friends about how to find work in Dubai, what the cost of living is in Dubai, as it is there every day, and so on.

However, because the series is considered too detailed & long to be listened to, this time I try to make a special post about the important points of Job Search Tips in Dubai, Abu Zahbi or else where specifically, or the United Arab Emirates in general.

1. Organize you  intention towards Job

Working in a country of people, it is not as good as working in their own country. We must adapt again to all aspects of life in a new place. Worker’s who can can work’s Under pressure here much more because we are always required to meet international standards. Worldly temptations are VERY BIG here. For that, before trying to apply for a job in Dubai, let’s straighten out the intention, set your heart and prepare mentally in advance.

2. Prepare CV

Make an attractive, simple and sell CV. I own a standard set of only two pages. Just write down the important points that describe who you are, what your experience is like and what your skills are. Love your best photos, show your professional side. The tips can cheat on the poses of CEOs in well-known companies’ magazines or websites. Ojo is a little smile!
Oiya, mostly foreign companies look Candidate experience & Education in Spite of TTL and Religion. All they see is skill and personality. Already, the two are the keys. For more click here

3. Prepare an Interview

If companies are interested in your CV, they will usually call to Candidate for an interview. There are two possibilities, on the spot or via Skype. On the spot itself, there are two possibilities. The company will fly its team to Indonesia for mass interviews (this is what the Emirates Group sometimes does), or you are asked to come to an interview to an office in United Arab Emirates like Dubai. If I’m right, it’s enough via Skype or else online video Calling service.
What are the interview stages? Various, depending on each company. There is one time, two even three times. When I only one time, the duration is around 45 minutes.
The questions that often arise are just that. So, prepare yourself, grooming handsome and beautiful (but do not score), multiply the practice, prepare answers to the point and still be yourself. The interview phase is KOENTJI.
For salary issues, God willing, I will discuss in the next post. More details

4. Get Enough Knowledge about Company

It’s not funny if you are applying for Binladon Group or Emirates Group but don’t understand the ins and outs? For example, so.
Open the company website that you are applying for, check “about us”, review the business model, examine the job description of the position you are applying for. Do you think we will interact with anyone later? The internal and external must be known.

5. English is Must ! But …

At the very least, can you say a little use English? It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct, but the important thing is that other people know what we mean. Believe me, people here aren’t grammar . Especially me. The important thing is from PD, ignore it.
So, to get a reasonable Job in Dubai, do you need a TOEFL certificate for all the rich in Indonesia or not? The answer DOES NOT NEED!
The point is to communicate better. How does the work go wrong if the communication business doesn’t work? Yes, though? Then again, fluency in other foreign languages is a plus point! You will be highly valued if you have foreign language skills other than English. That is why I am a little sorry why in the old days of college there were no extra language courses.
Thank you, friends, who already have basic Arabic. Because it will be very used when working in the Middle East.
Anyway, I have reviewed English and Arabic in vlogs, huh. Here’s the link.

6. Fix LinkedIn

Having a LinkedIn account it is necessary in the current era. If you haven’t signed up, then register. If it already exists, then fix and activate its features so that you are also helped by notifications that appear if there are job openings that match your profile. Extend the connection, add people who have the potential to expand the network. Follow the company account you like.
Or else more, add the people who are working in the company you are going to. But by maintaining ethics. And don’t waste it on LinkedIn because this is not social media like Twitter or Face book that we can chat with as we please. Make LinkedIn a representation of your professional side in cyberspace.
Come on, friend! Add me here. More details

7. Expand Network

Try multiplying acquaintances, add friends, take advantage of existing social media wisely. Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself, but don’t SKSD too if you’re not familiar haha. The network is one of the keys to success.

8. Applying directly to the intended company

Open a company website that might interest you. Look for the “career” segment. Usually, job info is there. What position is open, the job description, even the salary, and benefits to be received are also often included.
The pleasure of applying directly is, more reliable because the company’s HR handles it.
This method more Authentic (real) , I could work in Dubai.

9. Applying for Via Agent

It’s pretty simple if we look for work through an agent. Because we are just depositing a CV, and the agent will inform or find a position that is suitable for our profile.
Be careful scam! Do not want if you have not been told to pay for this, without certainty that you are accepted to work. Try to cross check with the company directly. Always research & be smart!
The absurd thing is if suddenly it is declared accepted to work, even though there is no selection process yet. The ends will be asked to transfer to the agent.

10. Local Hiring Dubai

So, there is still hope to find work in Dubai. Especially before the Dubai Expo 2020, one of the world’s most significant events that will soon be held here.
That is why more companies are now implementing local hiring for cost-cutting. If you want to try this method, you can come to Dubai using a tourist visa. Can take 30 or 90 days. Accommodation also needs to be prepared while looking for work here. Accommodation costs are relatively expensive. Well if it turns out that later you can get fortune received working here, the company will convert the visa status, from tourist or visitor to resident.